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Adult Camper Information

At Peniel there are many wonderful opportunities for our adult campers to participate in! We offer 3 services a day for our adults to attend. The morning (10:30am) and afternoon (2:30pm) services are typically adult-only services while our evening service is attended by the children and youth as well. An adult prayer meeting is offered each morning for interested campers. Additionally, adults may also participate in campus wide events like the talent show, bonfire, ice cream social, and more! Many of our adults also get together for informal game nights and camp fires.

Peniel is run by our great volunteers! Some adults elect to volunteer during their time at camp. Volunteer opportunities include helping with the children's program, serving in the dining hall, and more! If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at Peniel, please check out our
"Serve" tab.

What it costs for an adult camper at Peniel depends on what you choose to take advantage of. Services and camp activities are free! However, there are fees for housing accommodations and eating in the dining hall. For specific prices and more information on options please visit the
"Plan Your Trip" tab.

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