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After Camp

Hi Peniel Youth Campers!

We miss you guys already! Now that everyone has returned home from camp, we wanted to provide some resources for you that we hope will help aid you in continuing your walk with Christ while home!

Free Devotionals:

Keeping up with personal devotions are important! But it can be difficult to know where to start. Some helpful places to find free devotionals include:


  • YouVersion Bible App

Devotionals to Purchase:

  • I Stand at The Door & Knock by Corrie ten Boom

  • LifeChanging Bible Study by Matt Friedeman

  • Life in the Living Word- Bible Lessons for Growing Christians

  • Established by the Word of God- Bible Lessons for New Christians

  • Or find others at:

What Books of The Bible Should I Study Next?:

  • Mark

  • 1 Peter

  • Psalms

Other Helpful Tips:

  • Find a Christian mentor! This should be someone older than you who can support you, answer your questions, and keep you accountable for doing devotions & praying!

  • Get connected to a local church and youth group! If you're not sure where to attend, ask camp friends who live nearby about where they go! Or, contact Joe and/or Courtney ( and we'll help you find a church!



Peniel 2023 Photos:

Wanna see photos from this years camp? A Link to the Photo album was emailed to the email address on each youth's registration form! Let us know if you have any questions!

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