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[S2E24] Red Fired Up __TOP__

Aria lets herself into Ezra's apartment, surprised to find him there, not working late. She informs him that boarding school is off the table thanks to some nasty dirt she had to dig up that she would rather remain buried. He responds by telling her he's been fired and next Monday will be his last class.

[S2E24] Red Fired Up

Donna gets a job at a radio station and Eric gets jealous because on the air she's known as Hot Donna and supposedly single. Red gets Earl fired from Fatso Burger but Kitty makes him get Earl his job back. Leo wants to sell his car to Kelso but then changes his mind and gives it to Hyde.

Donna keeps her promise to accompany Eric to the Pricemart Ball as a friend, but she gets jealous when she sees Eric with another girl. Fez gets a job at the Foto Hut but gets fired for being too efficient and making Hyde and Leo look bad, even though they're the only other two who work there and Leo is the boss. Bob meets a woman at the supermarket.

Things are going well for Hyde at work, until he meets his new sister, Angie, and finds that she's not as nice as she seems. She attempts to get Hyde fired, causing him to use his biggest weapon against her; Jackie. Eric tells the gang that he's studying Spanish, but Kitty lets it slip to Fez what Eric really does on Wednesday nights, and Fez just can't keep the secret to himself.

The Winx continue to discover more about the Talent Thief and the World of Dreams as they scout new talents and attempt to prevent them from becoming the Thief's next victims with the help of their new Dreamix powers. However, their job as talent scouts makes it increasingly harder to keep magic a secret, which greatly gets to Bloom's nerves as she often lashes out at Ace, the show's host and the Winx's boss, instead of trying to compromise with him. This is especially apparent in "The Fashion Week," as Bloom lashes out at Ace since they needed to rescue Nadine before she became the Talent Thief's newest victim. However, in the same episode, Bloom manages to humiliate herself and, even worse, Ace, on live TV. This causes Bloom to be fired from WOW and she is promptly replaced by Lorelei the very next day (the beginning of "The Chef Contest").

The Accles & Shelvoke Acvoke is a British air gun manufactured by the Birmingham gunsmiths Accles & Shelvoke from 1945 to 1956. The weapon uses a grip cocking mechanism, whereby the pistol grip is pivoted forward with the trigger guard acting as a linkage to compress a piston which is located concentrically around the barrel. The breech plug (to which a distinctive adjustable rear sight is mounted) pivots forwards with the pistol grip allowing a pellet to be inserted directly into the rear of the barrel, after which the grip can be returned to its normal position and the pistol fired.

The Kingman Training Eraser is a paintball pistol designed to be similar to real semi-automatic pistol in terms of both size and operation. In order to maintain a size similar to that of a conventional pistol and to have a detachable 9 round magazine within the grip, it fires smaller than average 11mm (.43 caliber) paintballs. It features a slide that must be cocked like on a conventional pistol to load the first shot, however the slide is only used to manually operate the internal blowback bolt meaning that when the pistol is fired the slide does not reciprocate as would be the case on a real firearm. It is available with "Jet Black", "Titanium Grey" and "Racing Green" finishes, although the only part that changes colour is the lower half of the "slide" area. 041b061a72

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