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Amazon Smile

Would you like to support Peniel while you do your everyday shopping? How about while you buy your Christmas gifts? Well now you can! Simply by choosing "Peniel Holiness Association" as your charity when you shop on Amazon Smile, a portion of your proceeds will go to Peniel! The money we raise from this will go towards our Boys' Dorm Fund. It is really simple to sign up for Amazon Smile and it will not cost you anything extra. Please follow the directions below to sign up for Amazon Smile!

Directions to Sign Up For Amazon Smile


1. Scan the QR Code or Follow this link: Peniel's Amazon Smile Site

2. This link will take you directly to Peniel's page on Amazon Smile

3. Start shopping!

4. Use this link each time you shop to make sure your proceeds benefit Peniel


1. Go to Amazon Smile Sign-Up

2. Click "Get Started"

3. Search "Peniel Holiness Association"

4. Click "Select"

5. Click the box to acknowledge that you must use Amazon Smile for Peniel to get the proceeds

6. Click "Start Shopping"

7. Remember to go to each time you shop! Peniel will already be registered as your charity of choice.

****You have to be using Amazon Smile (not or your donations will not count!****

Check out this tutorial on how to sign up!

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