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FC Barcelona. Style And Domination. A Tactical ...

The approach was functional in 2010, it had to be to win the World Cup. Hard pressing and quick passing was clearly the Spanish signature style, but not quite as extreme as what the team rustled up in 2012 (the much more interesting tactical setup in my view).

FC Barcelona. Style and Domination. A Tactical ...

The current Spain team actually has many of the same players still in circulation, most notably Alba, Pique, Ramos, Busquets and Silva plying their trade in La Liga. But this tactical style is as much focussed on technique as it is on energy and stamina, something which these ageing players are distinctly lacking (you hear me Ronald Koeman?).

High pressing is a tactic where the team focuses on pressing the opposition high up the pitch in order to win the ball back quickly. The aim is to force mistakes from the opposition and create quick goalscoring opportunities. This style of play requires players with good fitness levels, high levels of aggression, and good tactical awareness.

The diamond midfield is a tactic where the team plays with a midfield diamond formation. The aim is to dominate the midfield and create opportunities for the attacking players. This style of play necessitates players with strong passing skills, tactical awareness, and defensive abilities.

The sweeper-keeper is a tactic where the goalkeeper plays as a sweeper, acting as an extra defender and helping to start attacking moves. The aim is to give the team more options in possession and create opportunities for counter-attacks. This style of play requires a goalkeeper with good technical ability, vision, and tactical awareness.

United manager David Moyes was accused of regressing the club to a tactical Dark Age after it lumped 81 crosses into the box during a 2-2 draw with the Premier League's bottom club, Fulham, last month. It looked more like the United of old in the second leg of its last 16 tie against Olympiakos, but Robin van Persie, who scored all of his side's three goals in that game, will miss both legs of the Bayern tie with a sprained knee. Since arriving at Bayern, Pep Guardiola has instituted an uncompromising passing game reminiscent of the style he patented at Barcelona. The Bavarians passed Arsenal to death in the last 16, enjoying a staggering 73 percent of possession during its 2-0 first-leg victory. Having utilized a 4-1-4-1 system that saw full-back Philipp Lahm redeployed as a holding midfielder, Bayern has reverted to a 4-2-3-1 shape since Bastian Schweinsteiger returned from an ankle injury in February.

The great coaches learn from critical errors on the grandest stage. Ferguson, for example, used to embrace a buccaneering style of football in the Champions League, where he would answer the calls of the Stretford End and attack with full-bodied purpose. However, when United were humbled and outplayed by Real Madrid at Old Trafford in 2000, Fergie was forced into a rethink of his tactical approach to European games. From that point, the Scot deployed a more pragmatic approach, which led them to three finals in four seasons between 2008 and 2011. Not dissimilar to that, Pep added another chapter to his never-ending textbook on football coaching after the thrashing by Madrid. 041b061a72

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